All groups — whether it’s your local racing team, a cycling club, or a running club — have rules of the road that riders or runners need to know when they join and these will shared with all of our Shova Msunduzi Cycling Club members.

It’s important to follow club rules for your safety, for that of the people with you, and for the drivers or other pedestrians who are also on the road.

These safety and etiquette guidelines are specific to cycling:

1. Wear the team or club kit, jersey, or shirt. This not only shows unity and pride in being part of the group but promotes on-road visibility and helps everyone know who’s part of the group.

2. Understand the purpose of the ride. Some are all-out “hammer” sessions, while others are “no-drop” affairs, meaning the group will wait for all participants to catch up when they fall behind. The leaders normally communicate this to the group, if they don’t, make sure to ask before you head out.

3. Obey traffic laws. This is important for the safety of riders for maintaining good relations with the community, and for upholding the reputation of the club. Ride single file on busy roads or trails, stop at stoplights and signs, use crosswalks, and obey all other traffic laws.

4. Arrive with well-maintained gear, including tools to independently fix a flat tire. Poorly maintained equipment can cause accidents that affect other riders.

5. Communicate when you’re on the road. Notify other riders or runners of “car up” or “car back,” and indicate your intentions with hand turn signals. Alert participants behind you of road hazards by pointing down at them as you go by especially potholes.

6. Hold your line. No one wants to be around a sketchy cyclist in a group ride. This is especially important when you’re in the pack or cornering.

Become predictable and make your intentions clear to everyone on the road for better cycling.

7. Never cross wheels with another rider, and keep a light touch on the brakes. Abrupt braking can cause crashes.

These are just some of the rules to keep you and me safe out there. Happy Cycling!

Upcoming Events

A cycling club is a society for cyclists. Our club is mostly local, and caters for levels of cyclists. We also have various club rides where we upskill some of the new riders. Join us and become a part of our cycling community becuase we will ensure that we take care of you throughout your cycling days.